Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Old Samurai Saying

I was browsing through an old book when I came across an old Samurai saying which I thought I'd share here:

"No matter what it is, there is nothing you cannot overcome"


Ridhi :) said...

tell me you really believe that... was chatting with someone yesterday and he says, "whatever happens, happens for good only... and achhey logon ke saath achha hi hota hai"
somehow... it seemed all hogwash!

Shekhar said...

I have my reservations against what your friend said, it has kinda a "I-give-up" attitude to it.

But to the quote that I wrote in my post.. it's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nowhere does it say that you won't face problems; in fact, it says that problems are there to be faced and overcome. Believing in this proverb can only force you to think (at times, out of the box) and push yourself towards finding a solution to your problems.