Monday, November 26, 2007

These shopkeepers I tell you !!

So my parents and I had called an uneasy truce. We were not going to talk about my marriage. (This, of course, doesn’t stop my Mom looking hopefully at me each time some cartoon character decides to drive his ‘baraat’ past the lane which I live in.)

Anyway, this being the season of weddings, I had to go to a gift shop to buy a suicidal nut a gift for his reception. Mom and Dad decided to come along as well.

Shopkeeper: Aiye, aiye. What can I do for you?

Dad: We need to buy a gift…

Shopkeeper: Anything specific… any particular occasion?

Me: Umm…Yep. I need to buy a wedding gift.

Shopkeeper (looks at me and smiles understandingly): Oh sure, sure. So, what kind of gift would your fiancé like?

Me: GRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!

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ani said...

n i thot my situation was bad! Dad calls up n this is the conversation we have:
Dad: 'foto to bhej de'
Me: 'kiski?' (genuinely puzzled)
Dad: 'Usi ki... jo hoga vahan koi!'
Me: (sighing half out of frustration, half trying to control anger) 'nahi hai koi aur nahi hai koi foto!'

I'm getting blackmailed left right and centre to get married!!! I have decided to only talk to my sister and talk to my parents on a particular call till the time they dnt turn into this driveway (which they happen to be on a crash course these days!) and then i cut the call! phew!

~ludviskpnks mommy!

mini said...

ha ha ha

i m still laughin

and u know about my sob story

Ridhi :) said...

welcome to the club :D

Arpz said...

good you just a shopkeeper and a set of parents harassing you.

(PS - you can add me to that list if you come khali haath to Blore :P)

Rose said...

Wat????? You are not married???

Considering how paranoid and psychic u are, i thot u wud atleast have a girl in ur life!!!!

~teethy grin~

;D ;D ;D


Shekhar said...

ani: ~laughs~ Given the way things are going, the photo-viewing days might not be too far away, Motee! :)

mini: Oye.. don't you dare laugh too much at my sob stories.. aaj kal tu bahut mazaak uda rahi hai bachche ka.. :P

ridhi: ~sigh~ No wonder we couldn't meet up at Coffee Pai. :P

arpz: What else do you want?? You want the bus-wallah, taxi-wallah and shoe-polish wallah also to join in the tirade??!!!!! Hmph!

rose: Hmm... now me and Angelina Jolie/Deepika Padukone. That would be quite a pair, wouldn't it?

~gets lost in a Bollywood dream-sequence song with lots of smoke, spiral stairs, trumpets and drums playing on either side and Angelina and Deepika wearing Menka-type Indralok inspired costumes and vying for my attention~

In case people have a problem with that... HULLO !!! It is a dream sequence !!!!

P.S. 'paranoid' I understand, but how the hell did u guess the 'psychic' bit??

ani said...

u and ur deepika padukone/angelina jolie and a certain ssv's dreams!!!!

foto viewing shmoto phewing! show me a foto n i will show em the hidimba tat i am!! u go on n see as many as u want!!! :PPPPPP

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