Thursday, September 13, 2007

Twenty20: A Bowler’s Game

Anybody who saw Chris Gayle and Herschelle Gibbs plonk the white ball to all parts of The Wanderers stadium at Johannesburg on Tuesday night might want to disagree with the title of this post. Let me explain why I respectfully disagree.

The thought struck me when I heard Ian Chappell mention a basic fact of the game, viz. a good batsman is a good batsman, period. Likewise, I thought, a good bowler is a good bowler, period.

It doesn’t matter if he (the bowler) is hit for many more runs in a particular over as compared to what he would have been hit for in a ODI or a Test match. What has changed is the definition of a good over. Whereas in a 50 overs game, a good over was one where the batsman could not score more than 4 or a maximum of 5 runs, in the 20 overs version of the game, this will become 7 to 8 runs.

This is where the bowler’s skill comes in to play. He now has to be more cunning than ever and use the sleight of hand in order to ensure variations in line, length and the pace at which he bowls. And that can get him great results, like it happened for Daren Powell who had figures of 4 overs, no maidens, 3 wickets for 4 runs in a warm-up game.

I disagree with those who say it is purely a batsman’s game. If the game has become uni-dimensional for anybody, it is for the batsman. All he has to do is think about tonking the next ball out of the park.

Yesterday, of course, it was great fun watching Zimbabwe beat Australia in a nail-biting finish. I couldn’t get to see the Australian innings, but the highlights package showed what a good fielding side the Zimbabweans were. They had thrown themselves at everything and had taken some good catches in the outfield, an area where, I am sad to note, India hasn’t done well of late.

Pros of Twenty20:

- Weaker-looking teams can do well in matches against ‘stronger’ opposition, since there is very little time for the ‘stronger’ team to recover if they fumble even once.

Cons of Twenty20:

- Watching the inaugural match (South Africa vs. West Indies) gave me a headache, what with so many sixes being hit, so much noise and very little time, as a viewer, to grasp the nuances of the game. [I know some might argue that this is a sure sign of ageing, but then…]

- Too many girls wearing bright-red sports bras (I don’t care what they’re said to be, they look like sports bras) and bum-hugging short chaddis while shaking their things on TV. Watching Twenty20 at home might be a problem.

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arpana said...

ohooo! ladkis, chaddis wat not ... bacha bada hui gawa!

waise I hate it when the aussies lose. I love the aussies ... can never see them lose :(

mini said...

ha ha..i enjoyed the match;)

ani said...

This is not for the post... its for the blog! I so needed to read this, 'Because Life isn't about reaching a destination, its about enjoying the journey.'

:) And praannath aka mommy... stop ogling at the TV screen!!!

Shekhar said...

arpana: Arre bhaad mein gaya 'bacha bada hui gawa' waala concept... yahaan pe dharam sankat mein pad gaya hoon... cricket kaise dekhoon??

mini: Well, now that the bowlers seem to be coming into their own in the tournament, I'm beginning to enjoy it too! :)

ani: :) :) :)

And one more thing. I borrowed the 2 Lara Croft films on Friday night and 'Taking Lives' and 'The Bone Collector' on Saturday night.. Common thread ? Angelina Jolie in all the movies (which I'm sure you must've realised). So, go figure what I've been ogling at.. the TV screen or the laptop ??!!!! :P

Arpz said...

hahaha! hmmm .... and my dharam sankat is "how to change channels the exact same time they show those alluring chaddis" - kya hain na , bhai underage hain *grins*