Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Change in Attitude…and Fortunes

She: Why did you have to do that? You must learn to adjust to the circumstances and accept things as they are.

He: Sorry, I disagree with you. If we continue to accept things – to adjust to the circumstances, then circumstances are only going to stay as harmful as they already are, if not get worse.

Moreover, what’s the use of a brain if we are to only ‘accept things as they are’…we might as well be brute animals. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a product of your environment or you want the environment around you to be a product of you.

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Ravi Raja said...

It is not a one way traffic ... Its not just about accepting what is around you and adjusting with the circumstances ... but also you should try to change the surroundings according to your wishes (if possible) ... You cannot challenge nature everytime but after all "Life" is the other name for "Survival of the Fittest". :)

I myself do not know what I have written ... I hope it makes some sense to you and you understand what I am trying to say ... "Bhojpuri" mein comment karne ka option nahi hai kya???? :P

Shekhar said...

ravi: Dude, you make a lot of sense (only this time...don't even let me spell out on a public forum what happens the rest of the time).

But seriously, your words make a lot of sense. In fact, your words inspire my next post. :)