Saturday, March 03, 2007

Special Days

Like I said in an earlier post, films have the power to inspire us. They also have the power to make you pause and introspect. A beautiful example is from the (highly surprising) Hindi film "Bluffmaster".

The protagonist has just found out that he has a tumour in his brain and that his days on earth are numbered. On realising how upset and disappointed the hero is and how he just wants to sulk his life away, the doctor decides to give him some advice.

Walking along the Gateway of India, the doctor tells the hero something which, I feel, has a very powerful message hidden in it.

"Zindagi mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti hain, jo dino ko ek zindagi bana deti hain, aur hum inhe kabhi nahi bhool paate.

Zindagi mein tumhe aise kitne din yaad hain? Your first job, pehla suit, pehli salary..

Pandarah, bees, pachees din...tees? 30 right ?!! 30 special days...30 special days..

Tees saal ki zindagi, aur tumhe sirf tees din yaad hain? Baaki ke dinon ko kya ho gaya?"

English translation:

"There are small things in life which make each one of these days equivalent to a lifetime, and we are never able to forget those days.

How many such days do you remember? Your first job, your first suit, your first salary..

Fifteen, twenty, twenty-five days...thirty? 30 right ?!! 30 special days...30 special days..

Thirty years of living, and all you recall are thirty days? What happened to the rest of the days?"

How many special days can you recall, dear reader? :)


ani said...

makes a whole lot of sense... and happens to a lot of ppl... i guess im jus plain lucky!!! (trust me u are too... sometimes all it takes is findin time out to think some more on your own!) It always works for me... n the there's just 2 words... 'No Regrets!'

Rose said...

Hmmm.. Let me see...

Long walks with friends chatting abt everything, anything and nothing... Munching on a cone of ice cream while getting drenched to the skin in the rain.. Bike rides in the coldest of winters, feeling the pleasure of the wind in ur hair.. Watching the sunrise with a close one.. The day I hugged my father tight for the first time.. Those stolen moments and silent words..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I gues I have been living my life to the FULLEST!!! And to think that I have only just begun, is refreshing..



Shekhar said...

ani: :)))))) Today's photo-sessions after the law class is one such moment.

rose: ~sigh~ You captured quite a range of moments there. Yep, it doesn't take PC Sorcar to create magical moments, just deep breath, closed eyes, and the feeling of togetherness, of belonging somewhere.