Monday, March 12, 2007

Just Jive Baby !!

Saturday marked a speed-breaker in the exam schedule for the second year students. After the consecutive exams on Friday and Saturday, we had the much needed break on Sunday, which meant that Saturday evening was free for the juniors to organise the farewell celebrations.

And so, even though I was tired and dead sleepy (having slept for just 2 hours before the Business Laws paper), I druggedly walked into the auditorium. Well, titles for all the senior students had been thought up, keeping in mind their personality, their traits and their habits during the last 2 years.

Here's what came up when my name was to be announced:

My Farewell Title

"dyNIMite Shekhar Ruparelia
He has got menacing looks
Directed movies, has a good voice
Book Club's undisputed choice"

[The NIM in dyNIMite stands for Nirma Institute of Management]

Actually, the guy reading out the title told the audience that he would read out the title one line at a time, and that they should guess who the fellow was. No sooner had he read out "Books, Books, Books.", my friends started calling out my name. :))

This session was followed by a lavish dinner on the college grounds, and then came the dance party. Now, those of you who know me personally would vouch for the fact that I'm the kind of fellow who wouldn't be dragged by twelve wild horses to any area within a hundred square kilometres of a dance floor. But, Saturday was different.

It was time to hit the dance floor and do what I'd never done before: Chill out in the midst of a crowd of 123 budding managers, cheer loudly at the songs that were being played, sing along, and throw my hands and legs about wildly.

[For those of you who had to submit yourself to the wild sights of me dancing like a man possessed, my apologies. It was 10% caused by the fact that I had had very little sleep and 90% because I was in the company of such unbelievable friends. YEAH BABY !!]


ani said...

im gonna miss u.... :((

arpana said...

the first line reminded me of BQC .. books books books , babaloobala books ! :D

Shekhar said...

ani: I'm gonna miss you too... >----:)----<

arpana: :D