Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Remember Dr. Drake Ramoray?

Okay, let me play the responsible citizen of blogosphere today and do my bit for society. (Now folks, all those who've been reading this blog regularly, this is the reason why you come here. I don't just write about random happenings in the daily life of an ordinary guy; at times, I also help people.)

All right, all right. Before you folks decide to kill me for acting high-n-mighty over nothing, let me get on with the post.

Have you spotted one of these around your home, your work place or your shopping mall?

(B-school bibliography writing instincts take over... photo courtesy straylight6)

And by 'one of these', I meant a glass elevator. With the number of eye-catching and glittery malls opening up around, the chances are that you've already stepped into one of these and that it isn't gonna be long before you step into one again.

Well...... WATCH OUT !!!!!

These glass elevators, sexy though they are, can be dangerous. As Banana Pen points out, there's this person in her office building who walked through the lift-doors of one of these glass elevators and didn't realise that the elevator wasn't there !!! Thankfully, he was only on the second floor, and hence, survived the fall with just a broken leg.

So, the message for the evening, ladies & gentlemen, is pretty clear: Mind your step when walking into an elevator. You might just save your life. And hey, be all the more careful when you're talking on the cell-phone and about to enter the lift, being absent minded and jumping down the elevator-shaft doesn't help. Ask Joey about how Dr. Drake Ramoray died !!!


ani said...

shit!! how cud u!! i have totally swooned over joey as Dr Drake Ramorey with all his high n might acting and that 'Im DR DRAKE RAMOREY!!!' look!!! n now u remind me about his last moment!! how cud u... how cud u!!!!!

Rose said...


Shekhar said...

ani: I just had an evil thought... what if Dr. Drake Ramoray was a DENTIST ??? ~evil grin~

rose: Absolutely..


Still feel v. bad about the poor fellow (err...both, the fellow who broke his leg and Dr. Drake Ramoray).

ani said...

shekhar: I hate u for that!!! mommmmmmyyyyy.....!!!!!!

Shekhar said...

ani: OHH !!!