Sunday, August 14, 2005

Time flies...

Whew !! Finally the weekend is here and we can bid goodbye to the first week post mid-terms. "Laidback" is a term which defines the attitude here after the exhausting midnight studies we needed to do for our mid-terms. Everyone is on the "Chilled Out" mode right now and mentions of pre-readings evokes sentiments of dismay/anger/bewilderment. One has but little option.

Not that this relaxed attitude has been without results. Twice in this week has the class been told about the severe repercussions we might have to face the next time the 'janta' attends a class without doing the pre-reading.

This caused me to wonder. When and how does time fly ? There have been numerous occassions when one has returned to the hostel from the institute building around 6 in the evening but isn't able to get down to 'serious' work before midnight or 1. Why ? Where does all the time go ? We surely aren't working on our assignments or pre-readings for the next day or researching stuff in the library or on the Internet. So, is it just our extra-curricular activities, the different clubs that take up so much of our time ?

It would be interesting to see the comments I get for this one. As far as I'm concerned, I'll post my thoughts about where I end up spending time as soon as I figure it out myself.... :)