Thursday, August 11, 2005

My first post

Hi. So, this is how one does their Organisational Behavior assignments !!

Before I get into the technical nitty-gritties, let me introduce myself. I'm Shekhar Ruparelia, currently pursuing my MBA at Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. This is where the story begins....

I logged onto the Internet at around 3 to try and find some relevant info on the OB assignment. Ended up creating a blogspot of my own. That's my life for you. Unpredictable, fun...and some seriousness thrown in for good measure.

Haven't got an audience in mind. I shall mainly attempt to write whatever I think is worth mentioning and thereby not turn this place into a morose jungle of personal tribulations. And yes, I shall definitely mention why I chose "Adventures of a Traveller" as a blog name.

Till then, ciao.

1 comment:

Shaily Bobra said...

hey shekhar...kool man!!
gr8 going...looking forward to more stuff or rather
more blogging from ur side,may be naext time something
about saxena...or shall we END THE MATTER?? ;-)