Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The mother of all nightmares

I woke up today morning to the mother of all nightmares. 

I was back in school attending the economics class! I have always had this love-hate relationship with economics as a subject: I loved to read and understand the concepts but for some odd reason, I could never express these ideas on paper in the exams. Still trying to guess where the hate part came from?

But was this the end of the nightmare? Oh no, sir. Not yet. We are just one-third down the road.

Next, while the class was in session, who do I see standing outside the classroom requesting the teacher that M/s. Shekhar be allowed out for a chat? My boss from the previous organization under whom I learnt the ropes of sales in a market as awesome ("Sheldon, here is where I hold up the sarcasm card") as Calcutta.  Sales was one of the things I dreaded most when I stepped out of B-school and it made me change myself to someone who I wasn't then (an experience which, by the way, I eventually am thankful for.)

However, moving on with the dream. Now, since we had no place to sit and discuss the monthly sales numbers, my boss and I went to another class room which was being used by guess who? Well, horror of horrors, no less than a finance professor from my MBA college, who was at that very moment checking exam papers! Finance was one thing which I till date don't know why I opted for as my minors in MBA. Let's be honest: I sucked at it. Although I enjoyed logical stuff, and remember preparing balance sheets and profit and loss statements with proficiency, some of the stuff on markets just seemed to whizz right past my ears. No surprise then at the fear of the subject.

Thankfully, I managed to realise somewhere around here that I was dreaming and that I should wake up.

Even after all this, I don’t know how I managed to wake up with a grin and go, “Well, how’s that for a start to the new year?”

Since then, Motee and Mishtha have both tried to assure me that this dream basically means my worst fears are behind me now. (Love you, ladies!)

Here's wishing a Happy New Year to myself and to you, dear reader. Have a smashing 2013. Cheers!

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