Sunday, January 22, 2012

One small step for Mom

Mom barely knows her way online.

Imagine my surprise then, when yesterday out of nowhere I receive an e-mail with the subject line "now I am learning email in computer"

Here is the mail body:

Shekhar have you had your lunch? Take care of your health. Always go to the gym.

Gotta love her enthusiasm to learn new things. First SMS, now e-mail. What next, Mom? Facebook?!! ~shudders~


AbhiC said...

Hey it might be small step for you, but its quite big one for her :)

Mish said...

I think nxt we shud direct her towards ur blogs, what say?

Shekhar said...

AbhiC: Yep. Quite true that. :)

Mish: LOL. She has been asking about the blog for some time now. I don't think she would be very impressed with what she would find here.