Wednesday, July 20, 2011


For me, meditation is a moment in which I have quietened my mind.

Meditation need not be religious, although it can be. If you have by repeatedly saying a name or a chant emptied your mind to only one thought, and that one thought alone, you have meditated.

I have found the best form of meditation to be sitting down quietly for ten minutes anytime between midnight to five in the morning and just breathing slowly, calmly. The choice of the odd hours is only because I'd rather meditate in a quiet, peaceful world than when the energies of people rushing about is colliding with my energy field.

There are other ways of meditation too.

Swimming underwater can be a very peaceful experience. It gives you the feeling you are alone in the world. Alone. No one reaches you there. Not your parents nor your friends or even the people you dislike. It is just about you. That moment is about being one with yourself and realising that you're immersed in and one with Nature.

Running long distances is also therapeutic. I often found that after I'd run a couple of laps and when it had started registering in my mind that my legs were tired, the simplest way of going on was by reminding myself of just putting the other foot ahead of the current one. Simple. And repeat. And keep repeating. Keep doing that and before you know it, you've finished another lap.

However, the simplest way of meditating is perhaps while drinking water. Pick up the glass of water, close your eyes and drink. Feel the water gushing down your throat. Feel the joy in the simple happiness of your thirst being quenched. Let the feeling tingle over you for that split second. Open your eyes. And smile. You've meditated.


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Nice to hear from you after so long. :)

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:) your post reminded me of 'walking in zen, sitting in zen'

tried the water bit.. truly relaxing...
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