Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Midnight Thoughts - Episode 1 (?)

Random Midnight Thought (RMT) # 1: I get more SMSes from bots telling me about Minutes Of Usages (MOUs) clocked on my service than from friends telling me the latest gup-shup in their life.

RMT # 2: I'm listening to 'All Izz Well' from 3 Idiots in a desperate bid to induce myself into thinking that all is indeed well.

RMT # 3: I just realised why older people don't get drunk easily; the more the pain, the more alcohol necessary to heal the wounds... albeit temporarily

RMT # 4: When friends know your secrets better than your parents, it's easier to hide things from your parents than your friends

RMT # 5: "Agle mod pe, maut khadi hai.... marne ki bhi kya jaldi hai?"

RMT # 6: I wish I could just drive a car at full speed across a highway all through the night so that I could ultimately see the sun rising at dawn


Anonymous said...

Tum kya raat ko bhi apne aap ko gyan dete rehte ho!! Karthik calling Karthik types!!??

rakuboy said...

RMT # 6 - am so with you on that one buddy...
I stay at Navi Mumbai.. my bedroom window overlooks the perfect 6lane thane-belapur highway.. so RMT6 comes naturally to me all the time..