Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Main Khush Hun Aaj... Kha-ma-kha

Yes. I know it has been long since I've blogged.
Also, it has been ages when I've woken up in the morning...and smiled at the ceiling wall.


Just like that. I felt like it. No particular reason.

Go on... do it. You owe it to yourself. Just... smile... for absolutely no reason at all. You deserve it.


ani said...

:) main tere liye khush hun aaj!

Ravi Raja said...

Check this out: Oh My God !!! Looooook !!!

@p@rn@ said...

:) Just happened to come across your blog.. Firstly .. u write well.. secondly.. thnx for this post.. I think this is one thing that I haven't done for veryyyy long.. Just smile for no reason at all.. So thanks for the reminder ....

Shekhar said...

ani: ~hugs~

Ravi Raja: Oh My Goood !!! :P

@p@rn@: Hey Aparna, thanks for the compliment. And hey, it's always a great thing to remind yourself once in a while. I actually know someone who's set up an hourly chime on their cell so that they can remember to smile.... just like that, for no reason at all!! :D