Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Broaden your horizons

(pic courtesy: www.jackenhack.com)

Entrepreneurship ka apna khud ka hi ek nasha hota hai.

Sample this.

Horse and me, sharing chips and a sandwich and discussing business. In the midst of an engrossing discussion about finances, he very matter of factly goes "What are the first quarter numbers we are looking at?"

And I just paused.

Bang in the middle of it all, I realised how entrepreneurship had suddenly broadened our scope of thinking.

"Just listen to that statement again," I told Horse.

Horse couldn't help but smile.

And that very moment, where I realised that I'd broadened my horizons, was in itself a big reward for me.


ani said...

~ mischievous grin!

howz Harsh??!! :D

Anonymous said...

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And.. YES!!! Cheers for Rehman, Smile Pinky and Slumdog. JAI HO (Punches in air)!!
(Sorry for being offbeat from original post)

Shekhar said...

motee: Grrrrr !!!!!!

anon: Thanks for being the most polite spammer on my blog ever !!

Ravi Raja said...

Entrepreneurship ka apna khud ka hi ek nasha hota hai.

You said it ... I'm Loving It !!! [:)]