Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally, a lazy Sunday

And I'm so thankful for it!!

December was a turbulent month at work and January promises to be more so. But then, I guess it is expected when you are going about starting up new businesses. And the work that is entrusted to me is all the more challenging because I'm trying to kick-start 3 business units simultaneously. ~wipes his brow~ And that brings with it its own share of management problems and skills to be learnt.

And these are lessons that can never be taught in any b-school; you only get a sneak preview on campus. For example, I've already picked up these management learnings:

* I need to be superb at time-management skills if I have to be at three places at once, all of them spread across the metropolis

* To be up-to-speed on all business activities, I've started using a log book like never before. I now have a list of customers being served simultaneously by all three business units, whether the payments by these customers were paid by cash or cheque; if cheque, when these will be cleared, so on and so forth

* In the midst of all this hectic work, one must not forget that one is a team-leader as well. Hence, I need to be calm and in control of the situation and also motivating my guys to move quickly and aggressively on the field

Anyway, moving away from work...

I'm pretty happy that I'm back to reading. I've been wanting to finish 'Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories - Volume 2' for some time now. And now that I'm back to committing myself to reading for at least 15 minutes before I go off to sleep at night, I'm feeling good about it.

Sunday morning also brings with it the promise of a good 'Lexulous' game (Lexulous being the 'renamed' form of Scrabulous). I have already started a game and thus far, I'm in the lead by 23 points. Let's hope things remain that way.

I'm looking forward to a lot of reading (books and blogs) and writing my diary today. If I do find the time, I'd also like to catch up with 'The President is coming', a movie I've been waiting to hit Calcutta theatres. That reminds me, 'The Dark Knight' is supposed to be re-released in Cal at the IMAX theatre. I definitely want to go for that.

Have a lazy Sunday folks! Cheers. :)


santoshi said...

i saw the review of the film(The president is coming) on cnnibn. The film is very good. I too wish to see this film soon.

Shekhar said...

santoshi: Hey, I couldn't get to watch it yesterday (Sunday). Let's hope I do so sometime during this week. Do let me know whether you liked it or not if you do manage to see it.

rakuboy said...

good learnings... I too started a "things to do book" coupla months back when work became too hectic.. but cudn't continue the momentum... infact lost the book when I shifted house last month.. hope u stay steadfast...
btw, I too had a nice Sunday.. after many years, went to watch a play.. Merchant of Venice.. thoroughly enjoyed ;)

ani said...

u are in dire need of inspiration and a break!

Shekhar said...

rakuboy: Hmmm.. losing a book is bad. I feel terrible when that happens.

Yeah, come to think of it, it's been quite a while since I went to a play. Hopefully, I'll go to one soon.

motee: Love you so much Motee. :) And yeah, I need a break but I don't know whether one is in the wings or not. Let's see.

ani said...


Anonymous said...

Scrabulous is back!! I did'nt know it this. Thanks for the update. (Whenever I land up onto your blog I find something interesting).

I think the Indian movie industry is producing good movies now a days a lot better than Western. I treat 'The President is coming' (7 marks) almost as good as Coen Bro's 'Burn after reading' (7.5 marks). I didn't find the later as per the expectations that I had from Coens (whom I admire a lot).

Now waiting for 'DevD' as if its a real life story ~winks. I would like to honor it with 'First Day First Show' after FDFS for 'No Country for old men'.

Anonymous said...

The book in your 'Recently Read' section, named 'Rudra - The Idea of Shiva' is written by one of my family relative (grandmother): Sadhana Amte.

I havn't read it! Neither I could find a very good review. How is it?

Shekhar said...

motee: Call me !!!

anon: //Scrabulous is back!!

Yeah!! And I find that I'm addicted to the game again..

I too am waiting eagerly for 'DevD'. Expect it to be real good, especially as it stars Abhay Deol, who I find to be unusually suited to the Hindi film industry.

anon: The book that I read was written by Neelima Chitgopekar and not Sadhana Amte. I'm sorry, but did your grandmother also write a book by the same name?

And the book that I've read is awesome!! Pretty well researched and honest about the inability of a modern author to at once comprehend hundreds of variations of the same myth, Ms. Chitgopekar has done a brilliant job of writing the book in an anecdotal format.

I'm looking forward to reading Devdutt Pattnaik's "The Book of Ram" and "Myth=Mithya".

Please do let me know if your grandmother did indeed author a book on Shiva and if I could get a copy. I would be very interested to read it.

Fotosia said...

I've been trying to send you an email, but blogger and my portable thunderbird refused cooperation. Let me know If you want the photo in a bigger resolution, and If yes, what resolution is best ;)
x G.

fotgosia (at)

Anonymous said...

I agree. But not to forget Shreyas Talpade he has been brilliant too! His role in 'Welcome to Sajjanpur' was amazing. HatOfff. After the movie we feel so good, so exalted, so passionate that we forget our day-to-day worries and enjoy the vaudevillian act which we can relate and laugh about.