Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Empire strikes back

News which I'm not sure whether to be proud of or be worried about: 30 inch trousers no longer fit me !!

Went to a store yesterday to buy a new pair of trousers, only to discover that I now have a 32 inch waist. This from a guy who spent most of his college and MBA years wearing 28 inch trousers. It has only been in the last year or so that I had graduated to 30 inch trousers. Apparently, they are nearing their expiry date too.


Ravi Raja said...

Oi Mota ... Tu Pregnant ho gaya ;) ... Congratulations !!! :P

Ridhi :) said...

Oye shit man!! You and 32"???
I won't recognise you when I see you :P

ani said...

to put riddhi to rest: it's just the tummy and the rest of him is still as skinny!!

ravi raja: :D bang on target!!

and dearest dearest mommy!! please do not wear pleated trousers to 'hide' ur "fat". they look like divided skirts on u!!!

Harish Bihani said...

welcome to the gang!!