Sunday, February 24, 2008

Book week

I was fortunate enough to find time-out during the last week to go visit the Landmark store at Forum mall.

For the record, I think Landmark @ Forum Bangalore rocks! In my opinion, it is better than the Landmark at Calcutta (now renamed as Starmark stores). Again, Landmark is my favorite book shop in Calcutta when it comes to locating a book, otherwise it is the Crossword book-store on Elgin Road which I regularly haunt. Two reasons for going to Crossword:

a) I find the ambience at Crossword more pleasant than that at Landmark. It just seems to be the place where you can plonk yourself down on a comfortable sofa/bean bag and read a book.

b) It is just a 10 minute walk from my house.

Anyway, back to the book-hunting expedition that I launched into when I was at the Forum Landmark. I had planned on buying only one book, but then the excitement of buying a new book got to me and I ended up buying three. To add to my joy, I went to Landmark again yesterday and bought another book. Here is the list:

1. Antony & Cleopatra - Colleen McCullough
2. Bombay Tiger - Kamala Markandaya
3. The Best of Saki
4. On Self Knowledge - J. Krishnamurti


mini said...

hey hey hey

i want the third book!

Shekhar said...

mini: I bought that book based on the mail forward that you'd sent. :)

trash-u said...

hahaha.. she desparately needs the third book.. but hey! word of caution!! "things" are disappearing from her place lately.. saki could appear to be too tempting for "someone"... shhh koi hai
hey me reading awakening of intelligence by krish (J Krishna...)
but i guess he thinks a lot.. !! have to toggle my tubelight at times to grasp wht he is tryin to say..