Friday, October 12, 2007

Reverse Motivation

Sometimes, the best thing that can happen to you is getting pi**ed off.


You've been trying hard to get something done for a while now. And it has been irritating you no end that you haven't been able to achieve your goal. You know that all you need to do is step up your game one last bit... Push yourself to the limit... Stretch your hands that one inch further.

But you just can't do it. No matter what you try, no matter how much you try to psych yourself up... YOU JUST CAN'T DO IT.

In such circumstances, perhaps the best thing that could happen to you is getting pi**ed off. And when I say pi**ed off.. I mean REALLY, REALLY PI**ED OFF !!

Let that nagging feeling get under your skin and take your sleep away from you. Let your sleep be filled up with nightmares of failures...

and see what happens the next day!!

Sometimes, it is best to shed the "good boy" image...

Sometimes, it is best to get pi**ed off!

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shweta said...

my lord! i agree..thrz nthng without motivation...nd if thr is it escapes the essence..!!
p.s:its not angry/scary ...but it definately is crazy..!!!cheerzz!!

Shekhar said...

shweta: :D Cheerz to the 'craziness' !!