Saturday, June 09, 2007


Here is an excerpt from the book that I have been reading of late, "The Great Indian Novel" by Shashi Tharoor. The words almost capture the mental image that I have of Lord Krishna. Certainly one of the more wonderful descriptions that I've read of Him...

"From an early age Krishna had the rare talent of being able to talk to people at their own level. He was equally at home teasing the milkmaids while they bathed in the river as when debating the theory of permanent revolution with the local Mau-Maoists. He would disarm them all with his laughing good nature, then resolve the point at issue through the utterance of a perception so startling in its clarity and simplicity that it made all further argument otiose. And he would invariably get his way with members of either group.

This was not surprising, for the most striking thing about Krishna was his joyousness. He was always relaxed, always laughing, full of innocent mischief that never quite obscured his deep, instinctual wisdom. The wisdom was always apparent, despite the laughter, and it was not a wisdom acquired through learning or even through experience, but something that arose from deep within himself, as if from the very earth he stood on. Yet Krishna wore his wisdom lightly: he expressed it with a simplicity so profound that it did not seem to recognize the depths from which it sprang."


arpana said...

It is a beautifully written masterpiece actually. The minute I held it in my hands, I was gripped. Every detail, every farce, every word, tragedy, comedy, parallels so beautifully drawn out.
The book haunts me yet in many ways.

The Black King said...

Oh now I want to buy this one for sure!

Shekhar said...

arpana: Yep, gotta admit that I completely loved the book. Brilliant in the manner in which he connects contemporary India to Mahabharat.

the black king: Wow!! U got one hell of a name.. :D

And yep, the book is definitely worth reading. Enjoy!!