Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wassup folks?

Hello people,

I'm back!! Well, not as emphatically as "I'm back from the dead", but yes, back from a week full of tension and turbulence. Wow. The exams are a rollercoaster; you don't know when you're on a high and when you're staring into the pits of hell.

Anyway, I had thought that my first post after examinations will be a long one. Unfortunately, it won't be so. I need to rush since there is a CEO lecture at the institute in an hour's time and I really need to catch up on some studies before that.

However, I thought I'd make it a point to edit the template a bit and add 2 blogs to my all time favorite list. One is titled "Youth Curry: An Insight on Indian Youth" and the second one is "Fotosia". Both are absolutely refreshing blogs. I visit them often, either to read Ms. Rashmi Bansal's blog (Youth Curry) or just view the pics on Gosia's site (Fotosia).

Do check these blogs out. They are real nice.


fotosia said...

Shekhar, my heart is melting when I hear this flattery ;-)

I just poped by to check whether u have survived the exams. You did. That's very good news!

Shekhar said...

Dear Gosia,

You deserve the accolades, so think no more.

As for my surviving the exams...that's not just "good news", that's tremendous news. It should give the whole of humanity hope that there is space on earth for those who don't study at all.

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